Drug User is an Ill Person, Not a Criminal

Every person is subject to life's hardships, subject to life's numerous experiments. Some of us overcome these obstacles, but sadly others are overwhelmed by them for many different reasons.

The drug user is a person that was taken away from his friends and family, a person who lost himself, due to life's calamities only to become a slave to drugs. All this poison ever did was wreck homes, break families up and kill our children. And today it continues to threaten our youth.


A Drug user is nothing but an ill person in desperate need for a glimmer of hope.  Drug users needs a warm, welcoming home and supportive friends to stand by them instead of alienating him/her. They need to stand by him/her to help them overcome this obstacle and re-enter society as a successful person.

 With love and help, not shame, hatred and punishment, we build our youth's future. Be there for them instead of convicting them. Help them heal instead of blaming them so they would never go back to drugs.


Rachelle Tannoury
Prison Coordinator at Prison Fellowship –Lebanon

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