Asian regional network elected its chairperson and Executive committee members

Asian regional network elected its chairperson and Executive committee members

Rebirth Society in cooperation with UN¬ODC and Iran Drug Control Headquarters at the Center for International Research and Education of the Ministry of Foreign Af¬fairs hosted the second regional consultative meeting towards networking of drug demand and harm reduction NGOs on 17th- 19th February 2014.
The meeting was attended by 40 representatives of NGOs and networks from Afghanistan, Iran, Pakistan, Kazakh¬stan, Kyrgyzstan, Tajikistan, Uzbekistan, Austria, Lebanon, and Lithuania.

The objectives of holding the second meet¬ing were to promote and provide technical support of networking of drug demand and harm reduction NGOs in the region, share knowledge in the field of combating drugs, harm reduction and public support. Also, amending and endorsing the draft of Consti¬tution, and appointing Secretariat and Board of Directors members of the network were aimed in the conference.

During three days of the conference, seven meetings were held in the following issues:

Drug demand and harm reduction NGOs in Iran, Quick overview on the general net¬working models, presenting experiences of NGOs networking by representatives of in¬ternational networks; reviewing, amending, and endorsing the constitution; Nomination of candidates and election for the Executive Committee members; and suggestions for the next two years of the network.

Also at the conference, four workshops with community-based substance abuse pre¬vention, harm reduction and control of HIV, substance abuse treatment, and advocacy and fund raising by professors and specialists in the field of drug abuse for NGOs were held.

Voting to elect the Executive committee members was conducted at the final day of the meeting. Abbas Deylamizade from Iran was elected as the chairperson and Aman¬ullah Khan Kakar from Pakistan as vice-chair. The representatives of NGOs voted Mohammad Ghafari from Iran as Treasurer and Dilorom Egamberiyeva from Tajikistan as Executive Officer. Bermet Tokombaeva from Kyrgyzstan, Tatyana Nikitina from Uzbekistan, Igor Vassilenko from Kazakh¬stan, Zemaray Amin from Afghanistan have been elected as Committee members.

At the end of the conference, network members have issued a declaration to em¬phasize facilitating and expediting the pro¬cess of registration and legal recognition of network in the Member States, with the cooperation and assistance of the regional governments.

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