“I see harm reduction as a way of engaging people as part of that path to recovery.”

~Paul R. Ehrlich

The term Harm Reduction for a layman refers to how can one keep individuals safe, perhaps the preservation of life is the greatest value to live by. Technically Harm Reduction in regard to drug addiction states different strategies, programs and practices that targets to minimize the adversarial effects of drugs, be it legal or illegal, on health, social and economic forum. It doesn’t necessarily involves reducing drug consumption. It’s about reducing the risks that implicate with human being while jeopardizing their lives in the hands of harmful consequences after taking their drug of choice.


Harm reduction safeties those individuals who use drugs as they and their families along with the community is affected by it. Pakistan is a country where one is confined with limited amount of resources to provide any bit of assistance to reduce harm attached with psychoactive drugs. Most often drug control is confused by harm reduction. Obviously both are to work against this menace by taking a different route. Dreadfully all those who suffer fall into the hands of serve consequences. The rate of harm attached with drugs is relatively accreting day by day.

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