Rights of People Who Use Drugs

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Drug use is one of the phenomena prevalent in various degrees all over the world and the number of people who use drugs (PWUD) has increased in the last few years. States have therefore begun to build community immunity to reduce the violations that PWUD face. Special treatment has been granted to this group to ensure the development of their behavior through rehabilitation and social integration, as an alternative for persecution and sanction. The use of justice to deter people who use drugs is a complex and costly process for the judiciary. It also leads to prison overcrowding, in addition to increasing the social challenges and the social stigma against PWUD.

This report clarifies the most important problems and challenges faced by PWUD and the legal framework governing them as well as the reality of the situation to demonstrate how far measures are taken to protect PWUD and introduce alternatives to punishment since health is one of the Human Rights that must be respected

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