Nominations now open for the Red Ribbon Award to honor and promote community leadership and action on AIDS



Nominations now open for the Red Ribbon Award to honor and promote community leadership and action on AIDS

Red Ribbon Award—honouring the best in community support to people living with and affected by HIV

1 December 2015—On this year’s World AIDS Day, UNAIDS and civil society partners, in collaboration with the organizers of the 21st International AIDS Conference, jointly announce a global call for nominations for the 2016 Red Ribbon Award. The award, which will be presented at the 21st International AIDS Conference, to be held in July 2016 in Durban, South Africa, honours community-based organizations for their contributions to the response to AIDS.

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رسالة منظمة الصحة العالمية لإقليم شرق المتوسط بمناسبة اليوم العالمي للإيدز

العلاج من فيروس نقص المناعة البشرية بالأدوية المضادة للفيروسات القهقرية ينقذ حياة المتعايشين مع ذلك الفيروس، كما أن ثمَّة فوائد هائلة تترتَّب على بدء العلاج مبكراً والنجاح في قمع الفيروس؛ إذْ إنه يحسِّن نوعية حياة المتعايشين معه ويطيل أعمارهم ويفيد الصحة العمومية عن طريق خفض سراية الفيروس. وقد أصدَرَت مؤخّراً منظمة الصحة العالمية، محكومةً في ذلك بثروتها الضخمة من البيِّنات، نسخةً حديثةً من دلائلها الإرشادية الخاصة بالعلاج من فيروس نقص المناعة البشرية ورَدَت فيها التوصية بعلاج جميع المتعايشين مع الفيروس دون الالتفات إلى مستوى نقص المناعة لديهم.

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مستخدم المخدرات مريض ..... مش مجرم

كل إنسان على هالأرض معرّض لمشاكل الحياة، معرّض ليمر بتجربة من التجارب اللي منمرّ فيها بهالعالم.

منّا بيتخطّى المصاعب ومنّا بعيش بهالتجربة وبِغوص فيا لأسباب كتيرة قاسية بهالدّني.

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Improving community health through innovative partnerships

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During a visit to Djibouti, UNAIDS Executive Director Michel Sidibé has met a group of volunteers involved in an innovative public-private partnership between the Ministry of Health, the BE Health Association and the Kempinski Hotel Group.

Since September 2014, BE Health has trained 24 employees of the Djibouti Palace Kempinski Hotel to become peer health educators. Since June 2015, these volunteers have reached out to more than 300 people a month in six community health centres across Djibouti-Ville. They have also identified 15 tuberculosis patients who had interrupted their treatment and guided them back on to medication.

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Methadone and ART Will Help to Reduce HIV Transmission Among PWID

In Bahawalpur, Pakistan, people who inject drugs (PWID) can significantly reduce their risk of HIV infection with the use of opiate substitution treatments (OST) such as methadone or buprenorphine and risk of transmission with antiretroviral therapy (ART). PWID face many issues including poor access to drug treatment to quit drugs. Many PWID living with HIV are unable to access ART. We need these treatments to reduce HIV transmission among PWID and to keep them alive.

In 2012- 2013, we visited five drug hotspots and recruited 50 PWID participants. We examined their drug use, sexual risk behaviour, attitudes and HIV testing experience. Over half (54%) wanted to quit drugs but had no access to treatment. Treatment reduces the level of HIV infection among PWID.

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