SKOUN - Empowering and Equipping Families to Prevent Fatal Overdose

Skoun, Lebanese Addictions Center has been distributing Naloxone to service users and clients that visit our open access center since March 2013. At both our centers in central Beirut and the suburbs the 70% of people seeking services are opiate dependent, providing Naloxone is the right thing to do.


In May, Skoun held its first Naloxone Training for parents and family members of Skoun service users.
The session was run by Skoun’s Family Medicine Doctor and attendees learnt about the symptoms of an opiate overdose, what Naloxone is, how it is administered and how it can save someone’s life.
Eight out of the ten parents reported that their loved one had overdosed at some stage or another and were extremely grateful to get their hands on the life saving ampoules.
They all felt that overdose was a cause of death overlooked amongst people who use drugs in Lebanon and were overwhelmed to learn that there was an antidote to reverse an opiate overdose.
They were also relieved to learn that Naloxone cannot be abused and anyone trained to use Naloxone (like themselves) could save lives.

Around one week after the training session was held , a mother came in to Skoun asking for “the medicine that will save her son’s life” as talk about Naloxone had reached her.

Skoun will be holding Naloxone Training sessions on a regular basis and will continue to distribute Naloxone to people who use drugs and their families through these sessions and during our outreach work.