SIDC- Escale organized a Drug Use prevention week in Lebanon

On the occasion of the international day against Drug Abuse and illicit drugs traffic (June 26, 2013), SIDC organized preventive activities for a week (From June22 –June 26), in different areas in Lebanon.


On this occasion SIDC participated to the SUPPORT DON'T PUNISH International campaign for 5 days. The aim of the activity was to sensitize the youth on the concentrated drug use problems within their communities, and on their rights regarding this issue.

SIDC ESCALE is the first drop in center in Lebanon, providing harm reduction services.

Escale’s staff works daily to assure drug users rights in being supported instead of incarcerated.

The aim of the Campaign conducted by Escale was to explain the drug user’s rights for support and not punish.

The following activities took place to implement the campaign:

- Rally paper in Sin el Fill, to mobilize the people against the stigmatization of the drug users, and educate youth on their health and prevention from Drug Use.

- Distribution of brochures on drug user’s rights.

- Initiating a petition defending drug users rights and highlighting their treatment instead of punishment