Conference Presentations


Plenary 1: Financing The harm Reduction

Resourcing harm reduction in a changing financial landscape - Lines, Rick
"The Investment Framework: effective and efficient use of domestic funding for sustaining harm reduction" - Hariga, Fabienne; Shalaby, Karine

Plenary 2: Rights and Advocacy

AHRF Introduction - Doueihi, Bouchra Boutros
Violation of Human rights towards PWUD in Afghanistan - Habib, Ahmad Farhad; Rejaye, Abdur Raheem
“It’s Part of the Job” - Fakih, Lama
Les droits des personnes usagères de drogues, un enjeu pour la Maroc - EL KHAMMAS, MOHAMMED; MAGUET, OLIVIER; SALHI, MOHAMED

Plenary 3: Policy Making

Harm Reduction Practices in Iran: a ‘State of Exception’ - Ghiabi, Maziyar
OST - Lebanon's experience - Matar, Marie-therese
Engagement des gestionnaires : condition préalable à toute implantation de programmes innovants: exemple du Maroc - Asouab, Fatima
Advocating for Legal Protection and Health Services in Lebanon - Mteirek, Sandy Bassam

Major 1: Religious leaders and Harm Reduction

دور الدّين في الحدّ من انتشار المخدّرات - Souwayhi, Moungia
A message of hope to every addict - Sourour, Fr Boulous
دور الإيمان في مواجهة الإدمان - Al Hamwe, Alaa

Major 2: Refugees and Drugs

The war in Syria and the drug bomb - Shahrour, Ghassan
Correlation between drug use and extreme poverty among afghan refugees residing in five most refugee populated provinces of Iran - Ahmadinejad, Mitra

Major 3: Harm Reduction in MENA Region

Assessment of Situation and Response of Drug Use and Its Harms in the Middle East and North Africa - Aaraj, Elie; Rahimi-Movaghar, Dr. Afarin; Hermez, Ms. Joumana; Amin-Esmaeili, Dr. Masoumeh
Main tendue aux utilisateurs de drogues injectables (UDI) - ZAHAF, Abdelmajid
Réduction des Risques auprès des personnes usagères de drogues dans la région de Tétouan, Maroc - EL KHAMMAS, MOHAMMED; OUARSAS, LAHOUCINE; HASSNOUNI, RACHID; BOUTAAM, ABDELHAK

Major 4: Policy Making & Stakeholders

Parliamentarians & Policy Makers Leaders/Jordan -Hijjawai, Bassam
"The UN Drug Policy Debates - 2014 and 2016: Why We All Need To Be Engaged" - Bridge, Jamie
Studies on high-risk groups in Syria - Khamis, Jamal Huseen

Major 5: Advocating and Implementing OST

Treatment Outcomes of Opiate Substitution Therapy in Lebanon - Fayad, Yasmine Issam; Elmadjian, Raffi Vahe

Major 6: Self Support Groups

Auto support et accompagnement psychosocial a l'AHSUD - Bouzzitoun, Fawziya

Concurrent 1

External evaluation of MENAHRA's Program - Ali Ghaddar
GFATM funding introduction - Amy Clancy
Punishing success - Mellouk Othman

Concurent 2

Feasibility of OST in Moroccan prison - Fatima Asouab
NSP in prisons - Fabienne Hariga
Prisons are extremeley high-risk environments - Hana Nassif

Concurrent 3

How to approach harm reduction as an effective - Moh'd El Kazzaz
La Role de la Communication en RDR - Micheline J.Abou Chrouch
Support don't punish - Jamie Bridge

Concurrent 4

Adolescent Health Project Mapping Assessment - Lina Torossian
Pour une elaboration d'une politique - Ismail Lashiri
Young people who inject drugs - Anita Kiug- Rana Aaraj

Concurrent 5

Enjeux du TSO au Liban - Christiane Saliba
Evaluation of OST in Lebanese population - Zeinab Abbass
Evidence of effectiveness for methadone as OST -Soumaya Rachidi

Concurrent 6

Developing Iran's first harm reduction service for women - Kate Dolan
Stability in methadone maintenance treatment among Iranian women - Zahra Alam Mehrjerdi
The effectiveness of group counselling approach - Zahra Fathi Geshnigani
Women injecting drugs in the MENA region - Anna Leena Lohiniva

Concurrent 7

Harm reduction and VHC - Johnny Jabbour
Le FibroScan mobile- Elisabeth Avril -Louise Alluin-Ai Anh Votran

Concurrent 8

Integrated bio-behavioral survey in Syria - Jehad Yacoub
L_emploi_élément_clé_pour_la_réinsertion_sociale - Loubna Bounoua
Politique sociale et pratiques en matiere de toxicomanie - Houwayda Matta
The impact of harm reduction program on HIV - Rohollah Borghabani

Concurrent 9

3 in 1 A success story - Mehwish Umair
A1 Women and drug abuse in Iran - Effatalsadat Merghati-Khoei
A2 Women and drug abuse in Iran - Effatalsadat Merghati-Khoei
A3 Women and drug abuse in Iran - Effatalsadat Merghati-Khoei
A4 Women and drug abuse in Iran - Effatalsadat Merghati-Khoei
Alarming situation in rise of HIV prevalence Marsa - Ammar Zahreddine
Focus, a panorama of key populations in Lebanon - Nadia Badran
The freedom programme Harm Reduction activities - Medhat Maher
Women and drug abuse in Iran - Effatalsadat Merghati-Khoei

Concurrent 10

Adaptation of peer driven intervention - Maryna Braga
Educateurs-pairs en milieu carcéral tunisien - Samir Bouarrouj
Maqdisi experience in creating a peer education- Isam Jweihan - Alae Kharoub

Concurrent 11

And we have passed the border - Elie Mounir Daou
Injecting drug users outreach in Jordan - Ali Taha Alnobai

Concurrent 12

Etat des lieux des droits des PVVIH et groupes a haut risque - Azzouz Ettoussi
Le service de l'assistance juridique de l'Association Hasnouna - Salem Lajnaf
Le service de l'assistance juridique de l'Association Hasnouna - Arabic - Salem Lajnaf
Promoting Legal Services to Support Harm Reduction in MENA - Ahmed Shehata