MENANPUD participated in HIV prevention tool consultation meeting

We are glad to inform you that the Middle East and North Africa Network of/for People who use Drugs (MENANPUD) participated to the consultation meeting held in Bangkok, on the 21st and 22nd of April 2015, for the review of a comprehensive consultation HIV prevention tool in mid-level and low-level income countries, to be co-published by UNODC (united Nations Office on Drugs & Crime ) and INPUD (International network of People who Use Drugs).

 The objective of the consultation meeting held in Bangkok, Thailand, on the 21st and 22nd of April was the review of a tool elaborated jointly by United Nations(UN) agencies (UNODC , WHO and other UN agencies) and organizations of “people who use drugs” (hereinafter referred to as “PWUD”).

The objective of this review was also to enable PWUD organizations to actively participate in the process of elaboration of the tool, in order to clarify the language used and add case example related to the drug use around the world.
The main idea was that this tool should be popular amongst PWUD community and tailored to their needs/interests and should set the minimum standard of harm reduction in low & middle level income countries

On a more practical level, this consultation meeting was the perfect occasion for PWUD organizations to meet amongst themselves and share their experiences across the world.

The presence of MENANPUD to the consultation meeting has been very beneficial to our organization insofar as we extended our network to more local, regional and international PWUD organizations.

Similar challenges were faced by PWUD organizations in other parts of the world and the exchange of experience gave MENANPUD more ideas to overcome delicate future situations.

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