Operational Research on refugees and injecting drug use

Due to an increase in refugee populations within MENA countries, a number of public health issues and concerns have arose due to the living conditions of the refugees in the region. Hence, MENAHRA started a research to conduct an operational research on refugees and injecting drug use in the region. This research will target the following five countries from its three sub-regions: Egypt, Iran, Jordan, Lebanon, and Tunisia. It will be coordinated by the MENAHRA Network Secretariat with support from the three Knowledge Hubs and other partners. Country focal points will be identified to coordinate country work with major stakeholders, including National AIDS Control Programs (NAP). The results from this research will be used as an evidence-based advocacy tool for promoting targeted harm reduction programs for refugees across the region.


Populations Size Estimation and Mapping for IDUs and MSM Workshop


The Middle East and North Africa Harm Reduction Association (MENAHRA), in collaboration with the National AIDS Program (NAP) in Lebanon, is implementing a Populations Size Estimation and Bio-Behavioral Survey Mapping for Injecting Drug Users (IDUs) and Men who have Sex with Men (MSM) in Lebanon. This study was developed in order to contribute to addressing the lack of data and the need for more accurate information related to the IDU and MSM populations, which is resulting in the inability to deploy evidence-based planning and proper prioritization of services needed and geographical distribution of services.


MENAHRA at AIDS 2014 in Melbourne, Australia

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From July 20th to July 25th, MENAHRA representatives took part in the 20th International Aids
Conference, AIDS 2014, in Melbourne, Australia. The conference was attended by over 13,000 delegates and 6,000 non-delegate visitors to the Global Village. The tragic event of July 19th which caused the death of numerous fellow HIV/AIDS researchers and advocates only further drove the conference delegations to push forward in working towards a world free of discrimination, stigmatization, and the marginalization of people with and affected by HIV/AIDS.


دورة تدريبية لبناء قدرات مجموعة مينانبود


نظّمت شبكة الشرق الأوسط وشمال إفريقيا للحد من مخاطر إستخدام المخدرات "مينارة" دورة تدريبية لمجموعة "مينانبود" الإقليمية من 19- 20 آب/أغسطس 2014 في بيروت حول "بناء قدرات المجموعة في موضوع التشبيك ومجموعات الدعم". شارك في الدورة 14 شخص من مختلف بلدان المنطقة: أفغانستان، باكستان، البحرين، فلسطين، مصر، المغرب، ولبنان.


Join us at AIDS 2014

The Middle East and North Africa Harm Reduction Association "MENAHRA" will take part in the 20th International AIDS Conference that will be held at the end of this week in Melbourne, Australia, and will participate in the Global Village at the MENA Networking Zone.

MENAHRA will also be participating in several workshops, Dialogue spaces and sessions in order to highlight and improve services in the MENA region.


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