Zero Discrimination Day

Zero Discrimination Day

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This coming March 1, the world will commemorate Zero Discrimination Day, an occasion that gives all of us a chance to celebrate diversity and come together to promote tolerance and inclusion.

This year for Zero Discrimination Day UNAIDS will be looking at discrimination in health care settings which is preventing large numbers of people from accessing essential health care services. In 2016 UNAIDS will be identifying factors that lead to discrimination and will aim to establish the necessary conditions and recommendations that need to happen to provide a conducive environment for everyone to receive the health services they need regardless of age, status, race, religion, profession or gender.


We would like to also invite you to participate in this year’s Zero Discrimination Day and join global efforts to end discrimination in all aspects of life. We have created a new platform called the White Table Gallery which provides a space for everyone to express, in their own words, what discrimination means to them. Please find below the different options available to provide your personal experience and to get your take on discrimination, how can it be addressed and what needs to happen to reach zero discrimination.

How to participate:

There are several simple things you can do to join the campaign and contribute to the White table gallery exhibition but first of all you will need to design or draw a unique and colourful butterfly (on a white background if possible). The butterfly will be displayed on the gallery and will be the entry point to your comments on discrimination.

Then, choose from the options below to represent your idea:

1.- Send us a quote

“Committing to making our world free of stigma and discrimination is not an option, it is a duty.”
Michel Sidibé, UNAIDS Executive Director

2.- Send us a short video clip taken with your phone about what discrimination means to you

3.- Take a picture of yourself holding a butterfly sign or a paper with the #Zerodiscrimination hashtag

4.- Create a gif or an animated video

IMPORTANT: We would be grateful if you could submit your content (butterfly + idea) no later than Monday 15 February.

We hope you can join us in our efforts to end discrimination and celebrate diversity, tolerance and inclusion.

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