MENAHRA organizes a workshop to set a strategic plan

The Middle East and North Africa Harm Reduction Association (MENAHRA) organized a workshop to set a strategic work plan for the organization and to respond to harm reduction needs in the region, in addition to setting its role in this process in the Middle East and North Africa Region. An expert in strategic planning, Mr. Joost Hoppenbrouwer, facilitated this workshop in the presence of a group of MENAHRA's stakeholders and partners from the region's different countries.


MENAHRA Best practice

Best practices in strengthening civil society’s role in delivering harm reduction services

MENAHRA Best practice

The HIV epidemic in the Middle East and North Africa has continued to grow, aggravated by an increase in injecting drug users with high-risk practices such as sharing contaminated syringes. An approach known as harm reduction has been proven to be effective in reducing negative health consequences among this vulnerable group. Yet the provision of harm reduction services to this population has been hindered because


Assessment of Situation and Response of Drug Use and Its Harms in MENA

Situation Assessment

This is the second assessment conducted on injecting drug use and with the risk of contracting the Human Immunodeficiency Virus (HIV) in the twenty countries of the Middle East and North Africa (MENA) region.

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دليل الممارسة الجيّدة: فيروس نقص المناعة البشري واستخدام المخدّرات

دليل نقص المناعة

يُعتبر هذا الدليل واحدًا من سلسلة أدلة في الممارسة الجيّدة التي يقدّمها التحالف الدولي لمكافحة "فيروس نقص المناعة البشري"/الإيدز.


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