MENAHRA Newsletter 94!

MENAHRA Newsletter 94 is out featuring number of articles relevant to Harm Reduction from the MENA region and around the world.

In this Issue:

-          Practical Guidelines: Advocacy for Women Who Use Drugs In the MENA Region

 -          نهر يختتم أعماله في دعم المصابين بالإيدز في مصر بعد 4 سنوات

  -          معلومات وأرقام قدمتها الصحة المصرية للمصابين بالإيدز

 -          Enabling a safe and friendly environment for youth at risk to access sexual and reproductive health and substance abuse services across Lebanon 

 -          سوريا: عدد المصابين بالايدز منذ عام 1987 حتى اليوم وصل إلى 902 حالة

  -          الأمم المتحدة تؤكد التزامها بالتصدي لمخاطر المخدرات والإيدز

 -          UNAIDS PCB discusses discrimination in health-care settings

 -          Harm Reduction in Kazakhstan: The Opportunity Is in the Air

 -          PEPFAR’s new strategy on HIV uses stigmatizing language

 -          New reviews show global extent of criminalization among people who inject drugs

 -          Hepatitis C Patients Receiving Opioid Substitution Therapy Experience Improvement in Patient-Reported Outcomes Following Treatment with Interferon


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