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MENAHRA – مينارة


 المؤتمر الإقليمي الثاني لشبكة مينارة: أكسر الحواجز.....إبنِ للمستقبل

• MENAHRA 2ème Conférence Régionale

• Grant Management Training workshop organized by MENAHRA

• Brochures on HR developed by SKOUN with support from MENAHRA

• Join/Become a member in MENAHRA Network

• Be part of MENA Directory on Harm Reduction

المنطقة – Region


 ورشة عمل بعدن خاصة بمشروع الحد من تعاطي المخدرات

• مخدرات قانونية تباع في أحياء القدس الشرقية

 ورشة تدريب حول برامج إستبدال الحقن للحد من مخاطر استخدام المخدّرات

• المخدّرات وصلت الى مدارس لبنان

• Descriptive Aspects of Injection Drug Users in Iran’s National Harm Reduction Program by Methadone Maintenance Treatment

• Drug Users & Methadone Maintenance Therapy Impact

 MENAHRA funded project For People who inject drugs, conducted by OHRA

الأخبار و الاصدارات - News & Publications

 IRINNEWS: De nouvelles seringues pour éviter des morts

• ICSS: Cost Of Inaction

• Bigpond news: HIV warning for steroid injections

• IDPC: Modernising drug law enforcement

• Amy Norton: New Drug Combo Helps Hard-to-Treat Hepatitis C

• ITPC: UNAIDS report on the global AIDS epidemic 2013

• AlterNet: Science for Potheads: Why People Love to Get High

• IDPC:UNODC-WHO programme on drug dependence, treatment and care

• WHO: UNSG Ban Ki moon hands out methadone to patients in Cambodia


Vacancies - فرص عمل

• MENAHRA calls to recruit a Financial Manager

 MENAHRA Calls for developers of Data Base/Directory Software

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