MENA H Coalition Application to the Multi Country Grant by the Global Fund


Upon the launch of the call for the Multi Country Grant by the Global Fund, the MENA H Coalition decided to apply. The MENA H Coalition Network members met multiple times to discuss the grant proposal components including Primary Recipient (PR), which later was confirmed to be the International HIV/AIDS Alliance, and roles within the Coalition.


National consultations were suggested by the MENA H Coalition prior to the first regional dialogue for civil society organizations and networks working in HIV, Key Populations and Harm Reduction. The Regional Dialogue took place in Beirut between 23rd and 27th of March where Regional Networks met with Civil Society Organizations (CSO) and the PR, the Alliance, with the support of WHO and UNAIDS. The meeting explained further the dimensions of the grant and the vision behind it. Thus discussions along 4 and half days came back very fruitful with a mindset on how the grant will proceed.

After the Beirut meeting, CSOs met with other organizations in their countries along with their respective National AIDS Programs (NAP) and their Country Coordinating Mechanism (CCM) to meet the needs of the countries with the grant proposal. Expressions of interest for Sub Recipient (SR) were sent along with list of activities from organizations in the focus countries of the grant: Morocco, Tunisia, Egypt, Jordan and Lebanon.

The second meeting took place on the 15th and 16th of April in Amman, Jordan. Regional networks along with Civil Society representatives, NAP managers and CCM chairs, UN representatives and other technical partners. Few days afterwards the final touches were added to the proposal along with all requirements and was thus submitted to meet the deadline.